Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Go Slow and Breathe

Just Go Slow Today


Inhale and Exhale.


Leave The Chocolate

Choose Orange Juice

Cut off Caffeine

No regrets about Yesterday.

Make One Goal For Today

Take Action!


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Imposter Syndrome

Do you feel like your accomplishments and talents aren't legitimate despite the opposite being true? This is Imposter Syndrome.

You are not an Imposter.

Limit your social media time. Imposters abound on the internet. Some statistics say the average person spends 145 minutes on social sites.

Let go of negative posts that tend to stick around. Curtail complaints and blaming.

Take a break from your computer. Walk outside, stretch, make a fruit salad. Pick up a basketball and dribble. Stay off your cell phone when you walk. Enjoy the sound of your feet as they hit the pavement. Look for birds, sun spots and make sure you look up above your head.

Keep an interesting book near you favorite chair and read it. Underline. I use pencil, then mark the spot with a post it tab.  If you get your book from the library, keep a journal and jot down sentences or thoughts.

Spend a half hour and clean up your workspace. A real person would clean, an imposter would expect it to just happen. Mommy will do it. Men don't pick up the house. Women should spend time making their faces beautiful. A woman should post her face so others can ohhh and awe.

Spend you precious life on goals and instigate them. The world is full of Imposters, it is an easier road to walk.

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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Life Got You Down?

When You're Down Float

Saturn has such a low density that, if placed in water, it would float.

float today

be a jellyfish

 swim with the negativity.

you can breathe

you are alive


positive change is an option.

enjoy your ability to design your own life.

Barbara Mertus Munyon
Copyright 2021

Monday, August 16, 2021

Positive Thinking -vs- Positive Feeling

Picture - Inside the London Tube - Photo Copyright
Kustem Creations LLC - Barbara Mertus 

Instantaneous Fixes For Today

Justification and principle take a look. Do you feel good when you are "justifiably" angry, hostile, disappointed, hurt or intolerant. Then when you are drained by those emptions you probably will blame the person or situation you were justifiably upset about for making you feel bad.

Grow Up

1.) take responsibility Now for this unjustified emotional response.

2.) set a timer - look outside your window for one minute or walk around the room.

3.) count by seven. when you can't go further, repeat once.

4.) even if you could prove to the whole world that you were right, your body doesn't care.

5.) make a choice. consider your heart, your blood pressure, the individual you blamed.


1.) make a list of things you absolutely have to do unless you absolutely don't want to do them.

2.) don't do any of them!

3.) you just gained hours of valuable time. Have fun. 

4.) enjoy these hours and  the positive feeling that has interrupted your present moment.


Final thoughts-  It sounds hokey but it works for me!

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Monday, June 21, 2021

Today - Stay Focused


Stay Focused

Hand Statue - Rodin - Digital Adaptation - Barbara Mertus
Copyright 2014 - Barbara Mertus - Kustem Creations LLC

You could be distracted today
Your job feels endless
Your tasks at home

Pick one item to accomplish
set a timer for 15 minutes.

Work on one project.
To keep our focus we must BEGIN
Don't think about beginning
Take action for 15 minutes.

Save your project. 
If you haven't finished it 
That's OK.

Put it on your schedule for later today
or tomorrow.
Your goal today is to stay focused.
Complete in 15 minutes or don't complete
that is your choice.

Most important
Return to you task later.
Schedule when you will return.

Action Is The Key To Focus
Leads to accomplishment.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Today - Change Your Response


Photo - Barbara Mertus - Kustem Creations LLC - Copyright

                                   Your present can shatter!

   this glass in France, 

in the cathedral of Notre Dame -  melted.

To restore hope

when you are broken


your response. 

Monday, June 7, 2021

Today - Remain Flexible

Remain Flexible

To Create A Flexible Future

Change Your Rules

add Confidence,
and Persistence.

You Don't Need To Be Sexy.

Forget Botox


Go Slow and Breathe

Just Go Slow Today Breathe Inhale and Exhale. Nervous? Leave The Chocolate Choose Orange Juice Cut off Caffeine No regrets about Yesterday. ...